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    1. I'm a strong proponent of a "no party" system. That is, as much as such a system can be reasonably achieved. Individual candidates will inevitably rally large groups of supporters, donors, like minded allies, etc. just as any political party would. And by doing so, they would effectually draw lines in the sand yet again. And to some extent: that is required. At the end of the day, different candidates are different, and choices must be made on different policies, etc. But in general, I do think we would be better off with encouraging a fragmentation of the long held party views, voting lines,
    2. How can one assume that the rioters went with love in their hearts when hate spewed from their lips, and destruction and violence from their hands? Actions speak louder than words, and words reflect the hearts of those who speak them. And about their supposed intent of love: does it really matter? To give an analogy: if a husband murders his wife out of passion or out of hatred, is there a difference in how the husband should be treated? What if the wife was having an affair? Does this somehow absolve the sin of the husband? Perhaps he was a passionate lover to his wife, and the d
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