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    1. once i almost bit my penis off
    2. +Joe Mama Nigga I 100% agree. The only people stopping this from happening is those damn libtards and the god damn LG TV community!
    3. Also don't get the vaccine they hid nanobots in it that make you gay and make you attracted to Joe Biden so don't get the new coronavirus vaccines Also you should invest 100% of your money into dogecoin or donaldtrumpcoin! And don't forget to vote for Dondald Turmp! -BBC ENJOYER
    4. Hello everyone, my name is BBC ENJOYER and I'm going to go over the most important issue in America. Prison is an important and integral part of the criminal justice system in every country, especially America. Prisoners are very important to our Country too. If no prisoners existed, then jails would have a 100% decrease in inmates. In 2018, state prisons reported 4,135 deaths in their prisons, and more than 3 prisoners are killed each year, due to the inability to defend themselves against others. If every prisoner could have access to firearms and other weapons, then the mortality rate
    5. guys u should listen to death grips and stay noided
    6. Sometimes when I'm in public, I run into a black man, and for some reason I get the sudden urge to jack off in front of everyone around me, and I can't help it. Does this happen to anyone else, or is it just me? -BBC ENJOYER
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