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    1. Common saying: We need a viable option in the form of a third party. I used to tag onto this, not thinking too far beyond the figuratively incestuous nature of our current bicameral system then I attempted some shitty math. For example: It takes a majority to win 36 / 33 / 31 What ends up is that the two "losers" actually hold the majority and within the vein of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," which is wont to happen. The winner is more or less screwed. It is logical the winner would attempt to engender some sense of partnership with one of the two losing parties
    2. Scott, welcome! How'd you find the place?
    3. I left one thing out. I am pro-gay rights as well.
    4. So I just wanted to open this discussion about the hypocritical application of laws to suit a political narrative. Before I get started I want to introduce my foundational positions - I am not a republican or democrat. Anyone who wholly aligns with a party’s singular set of views is probably going to have hard time moving left or right of that needle regardless of the reasonable evidence presented - I believe in a set of principles and ideals versus worshipping at the Altar of Trump or any politician. The primary reason for this is that I have not been presented with enough evi
    5. Thank you! I appreciate that and the feeling is mutual
    6. I am not. Just a friend of the founders of this page. My experience with horses has been on the experiential end of equine therapy
    7. Hey everyone, I'm Peyton. New here like everyone else and increasingly concerned about what is happening with our freedoms right now
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