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    1. Welcome Peyton. Are you part of the horse community?
    2. Sista you are so welcome here.
    3. New York Assembly Bill Would Allow State To Detain People If Deemed A Threat To Public Health | The Daily Caller and who gets to decide?
    4. Zana

      I'm in!

      So I am a barrel racer and horse breeder - worried that the "new administration" will target me for my conservative beliefs.
    5. Zana

      I'm in!

      Welcome welcome welcome
    6. Glad to see others who Qwit the Twit! Is this America? Is the country men shed their blood for to be free?
    7. Ok. What a crazy time when all of us have to go "underground" just to have an intelligent conversation. Even here I used a fake email. I'm scared to death but we need to get a foot hold on a solid piece of ground outside the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram titans. So here goes. (and yes, I am quitting Twitter and the others. Before they ban me.) Does anyone else feel this way?
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