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    1. Thanks for joining the forum and posting your position. The transparency is refreshing. It gives more credence to your observation of recent events in Portland and what the news and current administration is NOT saying.

      Which is why we launched this site. To give voice to those who have recently had their voices stifled, and to shed light on events, people and positions that are being ignored because they don’t fit the narrative. 

      The constitution depends upon the people to uphold its ideals. Our integrity of our vote is our only hope in holding this fragile freedom for our voices intact. When the press no longer serves as the watchdog of peoples rights - we are all lost. This tiny forum is like a cave where a few have been forced to retreat where we can freely talk. Who believed this would happen so quickly?  I personally see a new party evolving. 
      Again, welcome Peyton, to our cave. Light a torch as you’ve done, and feel free to express yourself - freely. I can only assume there are other “uncensored” boards evolving besides Qwitter. They have not silenced us. Just scattered us. For now. 



    2. Dear America,

      Don’t be deceived.  Trump supporters did not go to the capital with hate.  They went for the love of their country.

      But they were setup.

      The Patriotism was poisoned.  They were baited.  A very few were used to lead a lawless charge on the capital.  Emotions ran high and some of those that went thru the open doors were angry Trump supporters, no doubt but the damage was done.  The world saw an attack.  The world saw a huge Trump rally.  The enemy knew it was a setup to discredit every Trump supporter in an instant. 

      How ironic.

      How clever Satan is.

      We cannot fight the evil alone.  It is too cunning.  Pray for God’s intervention.


      American Conservatives

      (now enemies of the state)

    3. Everyone started moving to Parler, but it didn't take long for Big Tech to see where their customers were going.  Amazon hosted Parler, so they announced they were kicking Parler off their servers.  Google and Apple both deleted Parler's software from their app server which means you now have to go directly to Parler to download.  Parler also has to look for new servers to host it's site.

      Meanwhile an app called Gab has been taking off quickly.

    4. Qwitter's purpose is to give users a safe place to register while you are considering leaving Twitter and other social media. 

      People's biggest fear about leaving their social media account is leaving behind family and friends.  We need an island to get us all through.

      An easy name to remember, Qwitter was designed to make it easy for you to send a message to all your family and friends still using Facebook and Twitter and let them know how to reach you.  Have them join you on Qwitter.  Rebuild your community.

      Qwitter is a lifeboat.  A way to escape.   Many expect other social media platforms will be built soon to compete with Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.  Qwitter will help you get there.   Till then, register with Qwitter and tell others to do the same.  

      Just Qwitter. 


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    5. Please feel free to ask me questions about this site.  For now, we don't want Big Tech to attack us so we are staying beneath the radar for a bit.  Just know that we know what we are doing, we have our own servers, and we can expand, very very quickly.  


      Welcome to Qwitter!  (announced Jan. 8, 2021)

      Big Tech social media has made it clear it wants to stifle conservative free speech.   They are counting on the fact you have no alternatives and won't leave them.  

      So here I am,  creating a place called Qwitter making it quick and easy for people to quit, but not lose your visibility to family and friends.

      Qwitter’s strength is in it’s name. 

      It will be an easy site to remember.   All you have to do is register,  then email or message a few of your friends and family.  That's it.  It won't happen overnight, but don't worry.  Facebook started in a college dorm room by a student named Mark Zuckerberg comparing women.  

       We are certain there will be other alternatives to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the future, but Qwitter will allow you to move NOW.  And leave a trail for others as you experiment and wait for new apps that won't censure you.

      Moving has never been so easy. Sign up today, and send out your invites and wait.  And don’t look back.

      Just Qwitter.

      (Qwitter only needs your email to authenticate your registration.)


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