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  • Thought of the Day: A three party system would do more harm than good

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    Common saying: We need a viable option in the form of a third party.

    I used to tag onto this, not thinking too far beyond the figuratively incestuous nature of our current bicameral system then I attempted some shitty math. For example:

    It takes a majority to win

    36 / 33 / 31

    What ends up is that the two "losers" actually hold the majority and within the vein of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," which is wont to happen. The winner is more or less screwed.

    It is logical the winner would attempt to engender some sense of partnership with one of the two losing parties in an attempt to disrupt this threat to their administration. However, this does not reduce fracture. It only creates more. I assess a three party system would at the very least, devolve back to a two party system or more likely, destroy the nation


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    I'm a strong proponent of a "no party" system. That is, as much as such a system can be reasonably achieved. Individual candidates will inevitably rally large groups of supporters, donors, like minded allies, etc. just as any political party would. And by doing so, they would effectually draw lines in the sand yet again. And to some extent: that is required. At the end of the day, different candidates are different, and choices must be made on different policies, etc. But in general, I do think we would be better off with encouraging a fragmentation of the long held party views, voting lines, and agendas, and seeing where the pieces fell. If for no other reason than to try and shake our country out of the "lever pull voting" of one party vs. the other. Let's turn the focus back onto the candidates and their specific policies, rather than redirecting the focus of the American people towards a narrative party war.

    So in that sense, I disagree with you implying that we need less fracturing in the political landscape. I think the problem is that we don't have enough fracturing. 

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