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  • The Hypocrisy of the Body Politic

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    So I just wanted to open this discussion about the hypocritical application of laws to suit a political narrative.

    Before I get started I want to introduce my foundational positions

    - I am not a republican or democrat. Anyone who wholly aligns with a party’s singular set of views is probably going to have hard time moving left or right of that needle regardless of the reasonable evidence presented

    - I believe in a set of principles and ideals versus worshipping at the Altar of Trump or any politician. The primary reason for this is that I have  not been presented with enough evidence that any elected official is more capable of directing on how to live my life, than me. However, here are a few principle and Ideals I live by:

    • I am pro-capitalism
    • I am for a woman’s right to choose but I don’t support late-term  abortion legislation
    • I am pro-environment but I do not support broad stroke actions that destroy American jobs
    • I believe in a meritocracy and denounce anything associated with identity politics, post-modern philosophy or intersectional theory.
    • The constitution is the most important document that exists in the history of mankind
    • Everyone is entitled to a feeling but objectivity is the logic filter all feeling should be validated against
    • Don’t bring feelings to a mind fight. Logic and facts are all that matter
    • It doesn’t matter what you believe or feel, only what you can prove or substantiate. This is the keystone of our justice system and what sets our nation above all others.
    • The problem with freedom is that everyone gets to have it. This means you are not required to like someone else’s application of their individual liberties., Nor they, yours. Being forced to do so is the epitome of a tyrannical society


    Now that all that is out of the way, I just wanted to broach the first pointed discussion. I’m new here but my hope for this place is that it becomes the digital version of Ben Franklin’s Junta or the traditional intent of a Salon, where men and women shared ideas with the intent not to prove how right they were, but to expose the strengths and weaknesses of diverse view points and create something better! We must remember this is also the essence of the scientific method. A hypothesis is designed with the intent to disprove it and only when it is not, only then does the hypothesis become fact. However! This does not make it immutable. Going back to my foundational principles…we must be capable of being moved from a position when faced with reasonable evidence that posits otherwise.

    To that end, in just 24 hours, the entire government as a body politic has shown its hypocrisy. 

    6 Jan was decried as insurrection and sedition. These aren’t just words endowed with more gravity than riot or public disturbance. They’re governed by Title 18: Code 2384 and 2385, as well as the Insurrection Act of 1807. Additionally Brandenburg v Ohio establishes the precedence for what is and is not constitutionally punishable abstract advocacy for force or violation of law (re: it doesn’t matter what you feel or believe…only what you can prove).

    On the evening of 20 Jan 2021, primarily in Portland and to lesser degrees, Seattle and Denver, members of Antifa (150 in Portland) attacked local law enforcement and the ICE building (i.e. a federal building with no less value as that afforded to the state capitol building). Yet not a single government official that called for impeachment has decried this violent action. Not only did they attack a federal building, symbolically or perhaps literally, they attacked the democrat headquarters. They also shouted things such as down with the USA and asserted that they are ungovernable and that they don’t care about Biden, they want revenge.I

    Under this mixture of actions, the cry should be as loud as it was on 6 January, yet it is not. 

    The left and right are equally guilty of this across the board. Additionally, Biden did not come out and demand they cease the attack on the federal building.  This is the same exception that people took with Trump on 6 January. Yet Jen Psaki was busy fielding questions about whether Biden would change the color scheme Trump chose on AF 1. 

    Bottom line, all of this underscores the continued need for limited government. And just to be clear, I am an equal opportunity scrutinist. I will disassemble the actions of any politician on any side of the aisle at any level of government. Elected officials serve at the pleasure of the those who appointed them.



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