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  • We walked into a trap

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    Dear America,

    Don’t be deceived.  Trump supporters did not go to the capital with hate.  They went for the love of their country.

    But they were setup.

    The Patriotism was poisoned.  They were baited.  A very few were used to lead a lawless charge on the capital.  Emotions ran high and some of those that went thru the open doors were angry Trump supporters, no doubt but the damage was done.  The world saw an attack.  The world saw a huge Trump rally.  The enemy knew it was a setup to discredit every Trump supporter in an instant. 

    How ironic.

    How clever Satan is.

    We cannot fight the evil alone.  It is too cunning.  Pray for God’s intervention.


    American Conservatives

    (now enemies of the state)

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    How can one assume that the rioters went with love in their hearts when hate spewed from their lips, and destruction and violence from their hands? Actions speak louder than words, and words reflect the hearts of those who speak them.

    And about their supposed intent of love: does it really matter?

    To give an analogy: if a husband murders his wife out of passion or out of hatred, is there a difference in how the husband should be treated? What if the wife was having an affair? Does this somehow absolve the sin of the husband? Perhaps he was a passionate lover to his wife, and the discovery of the affair caused him to lash out in vengeful passion. Contrast this to a murder motivated by hate: what if the wife treated the husband poorly for many years. Maybe even neglected her duties as a wife and mother for long periods of time. Perhaps she even reveled in the pain she caused the husband and the family. And eventually, the husband had had enough. He takes action against his wife, fueled by the hatred of what she was, and how she had treated him and the family. Does this scenario of husbands intent absolve the husband anymore or less than the previous one? To me, the murder is the same, regardless of the why behind it. The wife is dead, and the intent of the husband does not change that immutable and irreparable fact. And the husband is a criminal. The action is what must be judged and punished. 
    This is an analogy of the people who raided the capital that day: the rioters being the murderous husband, and the murdered wife being the soul of our country.

    The rioters were not loving patriots. They were murderous turncoats. And we shouldn't be afraid to label and treat them as such. 

    I also ask: who is to blame for a trap being sprung: the mouse who springs the trap, or the hand that sets it?

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