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    Everyone started moving to Parler, but it didn't take long for Big Tech to see where their customers were going.  Amazon hosted Parler, so they announced they were kicking Parler off their servers.  Google and Apple both deleted Parler's software from their app server which means you now have to go directly to Parler to download.  Parler also has to look for new servers to host it's site.

    Meanwhile an app called Gab has been taking off quickly.

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      • Hi Gail!! My 1st post...still figuring this out. Missed you too!! And yes we have much to catch up on! Hugs!! So happy to see you here. 
      • And it was a bad trap.   Some chose to beat a fallen officer with the  American Flag.   And we will all pay now for their crime.  
      • Dear America, Don’t be deceived.  Trump supporters did not go to the capital with hate.  They went for the love of their country. But they were setup. The Patriotism was poisoned.  They were baited.  A very few were used to lead a lawless charge on the capital.  Emotions ran high and some of those that went thru the open doors were angry Trump supporters, no doubt but the damage was done.  The world saw an attack.  The world saw a huge Trump rally.  The enemy knew it was a setup to discredit every Trump supporter in an instant.  How ironic. How clever Satan is. We cannot fight the evil alone.  It is too cunning.  Pray for God’s intervention. Signed American Conservatives (now enemies of the state)
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