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  • Welcome to Qwitter
  • Qwitter gives you a place to land when you leave Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Let people find you again, and where to post
  • Welcome to Qwitter



    Welcome to Qwitter!

    Big Tech social media has made it clear it wants to stifle conservative free speech AND make money from your information and content.  They are counting on the fact you have no alternatives and won't leave them.

    So here I am, creating a place called Qwitter making it quick and easy for people to quit, but not lose your visibility to family and friends.

    Qwitter’s strength is in it’s name.  It will be an easy site to remember.   All you have to do is register.  Then email or send a message to all your friends and family so they know how to keep in touch with you while we build alternatives to Big Tech social media.

    Moving has never been so easy. Sign up today, and send out your invites.  And don’t look back.

    Just Qwitter.

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